US, us is Annette, Robin Annette's sister-in-law, and Annette's four children. We are a family run business. Each one of Annette's children has a hand in everything that we do from picking the art to designing the products to getting our beautiful creations to our wonderful customers.

 Annette spent her working career making art out of the beauty industry not only as a Cosmetologist but also as a salon owner. Her love for art came through in every aspect of her life from styling for fashion shows to designing her salon into a magical place. As her children grew she decided to move them to Hawaii so that they could grow up in beauty with a connection to nature.

Annette is a second generation Italian and started traveling to Italy with her mother as a young girl. She grew up in a traditional Italian house hold and always loved her mothers heirlooms that were passed down. When deciding to start this company she dreamt of creating just that heirloom quality items that have meaning behind them.

    Working with Italian Artisans and Craftsmen, who have helped her immensely, she has created Luxury Heirlooms that she and her children are excited to share with everyone. We also have special products created for us by Hawaii and California Artisans that complement our Collection. 



Dominica Fenstermacher is Annette’s oldest daughter. She is has a background in marketing and business. She worked in the Los Angeles club scene for many years. She is now a stay at home mom to Wyatt Annette’s first grandson and is in charge of all distribution of our products. She is also a Travel Agent.

  Felicity Amoroso is Annette's second daughter. She is a Cum Laude graduate from University of San Francisco majoring in Architecture and community design. She has many talents which range from culinary cuisine to photography. She is our visual design specialist and assists in choosing the art as well as photographing our products. She will be attending a masters program starting in the fall.

Penelope Amoroso is Annette’s youngest daughter. She is a freelance stylist and art director. She is a graduate of fashion design at Marangoni in Milan, Italy. She also attended Polimoda for fashion business and luxury fashion business. She is also equipped with extensive experience in retail sales. 
 Peter is Annette's youngest child and only boy. He is currently studying business at Cal Lutheran University. He will be helping with a lot of the behind the scenes things that keeps the rest of us able to do the creative things.