Meet Our Artists


Paolo Pazzolli

“When I was a child at the age of twelve I loved to paint and luck wanted me to have a professional painter's neighbor I was always with her to learn. I also understood that I could sell my paintings and did not waste time. I managed to earn the first money I used to buy my first electric bass and formed my band.”  

Paolo Palazzoli was born in Crema, Italy on 27 October 1963.  He began to paint at the age of 12, experimenting with oil painting.  His art, like his life, has been inspired by a mystical, spiritual quest which translates into a gentle, refined painting style.  His works are present in private collections in Italy, America, China, Germany and Australia.



"The first memory I have painting is with my mother when I was around two or three years old. It was something that always came naturally to me. In college I majored in graphic design and advertising. Shortly after I went to interior design school, which taught the impacts of design and art throughout history. I come to fall in love with the process and found great value in it. That kind of veered me towards experimenting with abstract mediums."

Tell us about your position in the art community on Maui?
I was on the committee for Lahaina Arts Association, which is a non-profit focusing on bring art to underprivileged children in Maui County, which includes: Lanai, Molokai and Maui. I worked with them since I arrived to Maui almost 7 years ago. I started on the board of directors and now I am on the advisory board. It’s an incredible way to bring art to young students here. Many of the facilities on Maui do not have art programs. We have had to collaborate with not just the schools, but also with other entities to make art available for these kids. It was really cool since last year we had our annual scholarship program and the gentleman that won was actually homeless. He received art supplies and was able to express himself in another light. My hope would be that some day the programs are permanently back into the public schools here.



Felicity is a photographer and filmmaker raised in Hawaii. She splits her time between Hawaii and Los Angeles. Felicity is an avid traveler who uses photography as a means to capture the everyday.





"Como, Italy is the best and most specialized place in the world for this type of manufacture. Also, I  believe in the value of Italian craftsmanship and in preserving a great manufacturing tradition."

- Rosella Ramanzini




"In America, you love to talk about the thread count... in Italy this is not so common."

- Carlo Bertelli